Hajj in Mecca
Traveling to France
Traveling to London
Traveling to US
Travel by plane
Travel abroad!!!

Visiting Eifel Tower
Study in France
Participating in Indonesia Mengajar  (volunteered as Photographer)
Participating in any social activity as many as possible

Playing snow
Trying Ice skating
Bungee Jumping!
Travel to Pink Beach Lombok

Taking French course
Make passport
Losing my weight at least 40 pounds(Healthy Life Style)
Build my own house
Build my own beach house
Spend a hilarious crazy and fun in one day with someone special 

Getting married with someone who understand me
Have twins Baby
Get my own car
Stalking Zayn Malik in Bradford 

Cooking for someone special
Walking on a Beach with Someone Special
Walking on a Beach without thinking any burden of mine
Have my own Kitchen set

Working in International Company
Become Entrepreneur
Build my own café and restaurant
Have a private library with thousand books

Travel around Indonesia
Make my own application or game
Speak in front of public, become MC, Moderator, etc
Being a Programmer (totally hard for me) :(

Make my parents smile endlessly and proud of me.. :)