5 Ways for Cheaper Wedding Party!

April 21, 2015

Dear Bloggies, 

I was going to write 'my dreams' topic, but once... I coincidentally see wedding stuff I’d just change my mind. I've always love wedding stuff, because it looks interesting when it comes to design, theme, souvenirs, cake, and all the happiness in wedding ceremony. My last article, I wrote about wedding theme that I like, but now I prefer to share random things that are very important, such as invitations, cake, theme, gown, and anything else. In my country, Indonesia, the tradition is way different from other country. When it comes to invitation, Indonesian tends to invite around 500 or more guest, maybe until 2000. Imagine how crowded it will be and not all of the invitations really know you, because they might be your parent’s relative from nowhere.

In my humble and my own opinion, those kind of things is such a waste (not to be rude). I think it should be better to make simple yet meaningful wedding party ever than invite too many person who don’t really know who you are. Here are some ideas that you might like to have simple and meaningful wedding party.
  1. Make your own DIY Invitation
    There are lots of tutorial on how to make your DIY invitations using Photoshop or any software editor. Need some inspiration? Do ‘surfing’ on the internet there are tons of creative design of invitation. Find Inspiration-design-printed, Bob’s your uncle! You got simple yet beautiful invitation. Here’s some ideas for DIY wedding invitation.

    Image by www.theknot.com
    Image by www.theknot.com

    Image by www.theknot.com
  2. Make sure to make proper guest list
    Image by www.photomadly.com

    Well, Indonesian always invite bunch of people and sometimes we don’t really know each other. Let’s try to make a private party for big family, close friends, and neighborhood? Less than 100 people I think. It will make your wedding party more intimate yet meaningful, being together in your special moment with people who really know you.
  3. Playful theme for special moment? WHY NOT?!!
    Get bored with formal or classic theme? Just go with playful theme. Rent a big tent, decorate, then you got playful yet beautiful place for your wedding. It will be so much fun when you have big yard back of your home.
    Image by blog.tbdress.com

    Image by www.molliemakes.com

    Image by www.pinterest.com
  4. Need Wedding Flower Bouquets? DIY it is!
    You can have your own flower bouquets by making it on your own. You only need scissors, green tape, pin, and white ribbon (conditional). Use these instruction bellow, then you get what you want..

    Step by step, how to make flower bouquets {Image by www.apracticalwedding.com}

    Image by www.theknot.com
  5. Ideas for DIY Souvenirs
    You can choose either food or useful things to be you wedding souvenirs. You can make it on your own. A delicious sweets? Will be very cute and beautiful souvenirs that won’t last forever (hahaha), unless you packed it into small bottle, or any container made from glass, classy, vintage huh?
    Image by www.theknot.com
    A cookies jar with the recipe on it? That will be meaningful souvenirs ever, simple yet creative
    Image byintimateweddings.com

    Ice cream cupcake, tasty!
    Source larecetadelafelicidad.com

No matter how big and beautiful you wedding party, the most important thing is how you make it meaningful and make your marriage long last for ever. :)

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