About Me


My first snow in the beginning of December, Ilsan-Seoul 
Hello there!!!Andina is here, people usually call me Andin. I’m the second child of four children that my parents have. In my opinion, I’m a unattractive girl who wants to conquer the world (hahaha), just kidding....I’m just ordinary girl with tanned-skin, long black wavy hair, and chubby body (the polite way to call fat :p). I am a computer engineering graduated who doesn’t like programming but still stuck in the programming world.

Based on MBTI test(kinda personality test), I am a Extrovert person who preferred to use intuition, feeling and perception in everyday life. I must say that I amdriven by a keen devotion to their ideals and a strong drive to help others, some times I hate that because whenever people ask help for me, I just can’t say ‘no’.

Random Madness
I am a cheerful, kind , randomly love everything cute, love the arts of teaching students, book addict, part-time blogger, travel addict, and food lovers. I work as a programmer trainee in one of company in Indonesia. I must admit, that I always end up doing things I don’t like....like right now, working as programmer (had to earn money tho). Maybe I’ll pursue my passion when I had enough money to start hehehe.

Children worlds is my favorite one...I want to be children again if I could

I used to be a victim of bullying, verbal also phisically but now...you can call me I am tough survivor of bullying. In junior high school, I always have a dream to be a medical student, but I ended up in computer engineering which give me extraordinary experience.

My life is unpredictable, like you choose a Bertie boots candy; you’ll never know what you’ll get until you taste it on your own. I got lots of unplanned wishes came true, I've visited Seoul-South Korea for free in order to give speech about engineering for high school student (lucky me!!). I also got a chance to watch one direction concert in front row! (hell yeah...unforgettable moment ever!). I am computer engineers graduated who fall in love with journalist world, reading, traveling and food. I love beach and have a dream to travel around the world.
I don’t have strict plan about my life (deadline and something rigid is not me), I just want to make my wishlist came true and be a person who can help others

You can stalk me or keep in touch with me using the social media link that I put in the side bar below Clock.

~Make your life meaningful..for yourself also for another people, because we only die once! ~