About Me


My first snow in the beginning of December, Ilsan-Seoul 

Hello there!!!Andin is here. I’m the second child of four children that my parents have. In my opinion, I’m a unattractive girl who wants to conquer the world (hahaha), just kidding. I’m just ordinary girl with tanned-skin, long black wavy hair, and chubby body (the polite way to call fat :p). I am a computer engineering graduated who doesn’t like programming but still stuck in the programming world.

Based on MBTI test(kinda personality test), I am a Extrovert person who preferred to use intuition, feeling and perception in everyday life. 

Random Madness
I am a cheerful, kind , randomly love everything cute, love the arts of teaching students, book addict, part-time blogger, travel addict, and food lovers. I work as an IT Staff in one of BUMN in Indonesia. 

I used to be a victim of bullying, verbal also phisically but now...you can call me I am tough survivor of bullying. In junior high school, I always have a dream to be a medical student, but I ended up in computer engineering which give me extraordinary experience.

My life is unpredictable, like you choose a Bertie boots candy; 
you’ll never know what you’ll get until you taste it on your own
I got lots of unplanned wishes came true, I've visited Seoul-South Korea as my campus delegation, giving speech about social engineering for high school student in SeoulI am computer engineers graduated who fall in love with journalist world, reading, traveling and food. I love beach and have a dream to travel around the world.

Make your life meaningful..for you also for other people, because we only die once! ~