#Throwback Creativity Station 2014: Day 1 "Say Hello to Another"

Desember 08, 2014

Dear bloggies,
It’s been long time since I wrote my last post, more than one month I guess. Actually I've been waiting for the right time to write my precious summer holiday in Bali. After more than one month, i found the right time to write down everything that i have experienced in Bali.
Engineering Service Corps brought me a new family from different countries. At the very first time, i wasn't so sure joining the selection for ESC or PROJECT BEE, but I didn't know...I just changed my mind. I downloaded the form, making a new technology idea, and preparing everything for the selection. There were only me, from my class who interested in that kind of program. After submitted the form, I was waiting for the interview selection.

Luckily, it was not only my who was the oldest to join this program, some of my senior from campus journalist team (ENT) also joined this selection. The day of the selection somewhat made me nervous, total nervous. Since I've learned to control my nerve, I could pass the interview selection and was being chosen as participant in Project Bee. Me and nine other student from different major became representative from PENS. Fauzi, Faza, Rizqi, Firda, Lina, Rima, Zuhri, Iqom, and Naufal.

We are from different major and never meet before, and of course, I’m the oldest among them. Become the oldest, made me a bit awkward..but then, I can blend in as usual. At the first time we gather, we talk a bit formal....It was change, just after my lecturer Mr. Dwiki gave us some project to do. We gather a lot, spend more time together, do every mission until the DAY comes!!!!! We were very busy, nervous and too excited because we will meet new people, stranger, and we will speak English like a lot (everyday ... ).

We spent more than 12 hours to reach Denpasar, departed at 7.00 pm, we arrived at Ketapang Harbor around 1.00 am in the morning, we had to use the ferry to go to Bali. Tired, but we had lots of fun (actually they had lots of fun bullied me -_- hahhaha). Finally, we arrived at 10.00 am and we went to our room. Aruan or Chio from Telkom University became my roommate, a bit relieved (since there, I knew she’s my best roomate J hehehe).

First university which had arrived first was PENS, then PNB. We are from PENS and PNB gather together to pick up Korean, Bandung, and Malaysian student in Ngurah Rai Airport at 3.00 pm. Korean students arrived at 6.00 pm, finally, we were waiting them for more than 2 hours holding big welcome flag. Actually, there was an incident that happen, one of security guard from the airport a bit disturbed because we were holding BIG welcome flag without any permission first (hahahaha, a bit scary moment :p). Telkom University which is from Bandung came at 7.00pm and last UTM Malaysia arrived at 11.00pm. We were sooooo tired, and just fall asleep waiting for lots of activities tomorrow.... zzzzzzzzzzzz.
Pose at Harbor after arrive in Gilimanuk Harbor

Ujeekk!!!the one who hold the camera

Before picked up another student

PENS Team, waiting for Korean students in International Arrival

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