Zayn Zayn and Zayn Again..

April 10, 2015

Dear Bloggies,

I got weird dream this past few weeks. Maybe I'm just too overwhelmed and sensitive about Zayn decision to leave One Direction. Well, I was hoping that Zayn would suddenly sing and perform on that concert in Jakarta, but until the end of the concert he didn't appear and I couldn't hear his amaZayn voice. A bit disappointing compared to other concert before Zayn left. The performance was different, Niall acted awkward with less stage act, Harry who usually loses his hair when perform...suddenly tied his hair and they were wearing black costume, well for Liam, he wore red shirt to cover his black shirt.

Zayn Jawaad Malik, a Bradford boys who was born on January 12th, 1993...I fell in love with him for the first time when One Direction formed at Friday, July 23rd, 2010 during the seventh season of X Factor UK (well the judges announced at 8:22 pm, July 22nd) . They were auditioned as solo, but Simon Cowell decided to make them as a group. I remembered Zayn's song when he auditioned for X-factor,..Mario-Let Me Love You. He has beautiful voice and that's why all of the judges said "YES" to him. Since his first audition, I was following his journey and tried to get as many information as possible about Zayn. I've downloaded all of his video, his mom interview, even make a fan fiction about One Direction focused on Zayn's love life. Suddenly, I cried once I watched all of their videos from the first time.

Zayn ever said that he has been struggled with the fame, he got lots of pressure from the media who easily judge and spread rumors about him. He also bullied by one of media in US because of his religion also spread a rumor that Zayn would be the first member who will leave the band. He deletes his twitter account once at 2012 because of his girlfriend Perrie Edwards (Member of Little Mix) had been receiving hates tweets from annoying fans. I know, maybe they got SUPERRR jealous (like me...I was jealous at first, but in the end I could face the fact that Zayn's is not available anymore :p ), annoying fans would be very scary when it comes to the relationship things like know..teenage girls act overwhelmed. Yeah, I was like very depressed when Zayn's said that he will get married when he's 22 (well it means this year). Got it from he news that he and Perrie already took a visit to a new house :( .

Now, One Direction and Zayn walks on different path, whatever Zayn's decision I will support him even it's hurt (because I still hoping him become my future husband, hah!). Good luck for you Lads, working on their 5th album, I'm still your number one DIRECTIONER!!

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