A Peek of Hidden Paradise in Pacitan

Oktober 18, 2016

Dear Bloggies,

Great Reef in Klayar
It is Pacitan, a small town with hundreds beach becoming hidden treasure even for most Indonesian people. Feeling curious with the unique reef, blue ocean and white sands, I got a special chance to visit one of hidden paradise in Indonesia, called Klayar Beach. This beach is very famous in International tourist than domestic one.  Quiet atmosphere in Klayar beach and shore winds that blow my face makes me feel so comfortable. My eyes pampered by the blue of the ocean with beautiful big reef in Klayar. Two great reefs with height like coconut’s tree in this beach become the icon that welcomed me. One of reef among dozens great reef shaped like spinx amazed me more, besides, I also enjoy sea flute that I found in another side of the big reef, and breathtaking waterfall between beautiful reef around.  

Front Gate of Klayar Beach

In 2013, the first time I visit Klayar, it’s hard to reach this beach because the road that lead us to the beach is very narrow and damaged in most of part of the road. This beach also infamous among Indonesian people, so there aren’t many options to reach this beach. I came here by motorcycle with my friend, it tooks about 2 hours from her house in Lorok, small village in Pacitan. We took shortcut route through Ngadirojo Lorok (via Southern Lane Road-JLS) – Pacitan – Punung – Goa Gong – Klayar. During the trip, we also enjoyed the beauty of some beaches along the road.  If you come from Jogjakarta, you can take route to Pacitan from Gunung Kidul(Wonosari) - Pathuk –Wonosari town – Pracimantoro – Giribelah – Middle and East Java Borders – Punung – Klayar which only need 2,5 hours. Until now, there’s no public transportation to reach this beach, so I suggest to rent a car or bring private transportation (car or motorcycle).

Extraordinary wave isn't it?


To find place for stay near Klayar is not difficult, there are lot of hotels you can find in center of Pacitan, about 1 hour away from Klayar. There’s also new cottage in Watu Karung, this cottage is very famous among international tourists because Watu Karung beach has perfect wave for surfing. Usually, surfer prefer to go to Watu Karung first then visit Klayar for sightseeing. If you stay in 3 stars hotel, it may cost cheaper than stay in cottage, the price may vary start from IDR 150.000-500.000.

Soto Pacitan


It is not hard finding food around Pacitan. For those who seeking for culinary specials from Pacitan, you can try Soto Pacitan. The dish is very unique because Soto Pacitan doesn’t use coconut milk , they also use Ayam Kampung to make Soto really savory, what a perfect dish for breakfast before start the activity. You want to eat seafood? There are also lot of options near central of Pacitan, one of them is called Restoran Sari Laut Bu Gandos. Stop by in this restaurant, and taste delicious seafood with special traditional ‘sambal terasi’.

Breathtaking view in Klayar

Another Place to Visit

Besides Klayar beach and Watu Karung, there also many places you must visit in Pacitan such as Gua Gong, Kunir Beach, Bayu Tibo beach and many more. The beaches in Pacitan mostly hidden by the forest. You need more effort to seek hidden paradise in Pacitan, once you can find the hidden treasure, you’ll be pampered by the breathtaking view of the south coast.

PS: This article supposed to be posted on international travel website where I've joined as freelance travel writer, since I change my mind...so I just posted it here. hehehe...


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  1. I go there for the first time about 2011. It just a place for bad boys wasting time when they leave school in the morning :D

    1. hahaha....if I were you, I would do the same as you do :p addicted to the beach eh..

  2. I've just knew about klayar from a novel named "akik dan penghimpun senja" its describe layar so wonderful. now, i saw the picture and thats true.. oneday i have to visit klayar. Thank you for sharing clearly..

    1. Your welcome...hope my article can help you :)