Andin's Kitchen: Cheesy Chicken Ball

November 08, 2015

Dear Bloggies,

Holla!! This might be my new topic beside reviewing books or foods. I will share foodies that I made using my own recipe, well sometimes I mixed the recipe from another website with mine. Even sometimes the taste is indescribable (hehehhe), but it's still edible to eat though.

Everyone must love Cheese right? so do I, especially Mozzarella Cheese. Whenever I buy Pizza, I prefer to add more cheese than meat or another topping, I'm a Cheese Lover. I have some chicken breast leftover in my fridge. Making Chicken fillet is a bit boring for me, so I try another way to cook the chicken as a snack.

500 gram Chicken Breast
1 block Cheddar Cheese (Quick Melt) cut into small cubes
1/2 Lemon
3 Scallions
5 tbsp Bread Crumb Flour
7 tbsp Rice Flour
some pinches of salt (the measurement is up to you)
Black pepper powder
4 tsp Garlic Powder

How to Make:
1. Grind the chicken breast, put it in a bowl. Pour the lemon juice into the chicken to remove fishy smell from the chicken. Leave it until 2 minutes.
2. Pour Rice Flour, Bread Crumb Flour, salt, black pepper, and garlic powder into another bowl.
3. Put the chopped scallion, salt, black pepper into the Chicken, mix it well.
4. Make some chicken balls, put the Quick Melt Chicken inside the chicken balls. Make sure that Cheese already covered with the chicken meat. Make sure you do not make big size chicken balls, at least at the size of ping pong ball.
5. After you finish make chicken balls, put it into mixed flour bowl. Cover the chicken balls with the mixed flour.
6. Deep fry the Cheese Chicken Ball until it turn golden brown.
7. Voila!! your Snacky Cheese Chicken Ball is ready!! Eat the Snack with accompany of a cup of tea and don't forget Chili Sauce!

Cheese inside the Chicken, Yumm!! (Still learn how to make beautiful food presentation)

The Chicken taste so tender and the cheese make it rich flavor!!
Simple right?, honestly, I prefer to use Mozzarella cheese because it'll give amazing texture inside the Chicken Balls. Cheddar Quick Melt is cheese that I can afford to buy, so...willing or not that quick melt is affordable for me and the taste is a bit same with mozzarella though. (hhhh...Mozzarella, Parmesan and any cheese in Indonesia is very expensive. I wonder if I could buy all of the kind of cheese, feels like Cheese Lover's heaven).

Another recipe soon, love!!


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  1. Still learn how to make beautiful presentation --> OMG, I laugh so hard :)) hmmm btw wanna try this recipe someday~

    1. hahhaa....iya cik...susah nata makanannya biar enak di foto dan dilihat.. :D