Pizza, One Of My Favorite

Februari 04, 2013

Dear Bloggies,

Well..well..well..talking about Culinary things. I love food..every food, as long as it's "HALAL" :D. I'm the kind of girl that likes eating so much, and those habit makes my weight gain so fast, but I also can make my weight decreased 6 pound in a week.. -_-(that's true!!). Forget about weight , because I want to tell you what my favorite food is....

From different kind of food I choose PIZZA!! as my favorite one. Why Pizza?? I don't know either..anonymous said "you do not need a reason to love Pizza" (well I change the object, because we are talking about food). The restaurant that serve a great taste of Pizza is "Pizza Hut" I think, because I haven't try another one..(someday, I want to go to Italy, trying the original Pizza made in Italy ^_^).

While I love Pizza so much, my family do not really like that food, because the taste a little bit strange,( as an Asian people we prefer to eat rice than bread with topping on it). My mom said that she doesn't like the bread, also the mayonnaise, so does with my Sisters. Different tongue, different taste.  ^_^

I love Pizza with Mushroom topping..the fresh mushroom is delicious when its baked and mix with meat also cheese, YUMMY!! ^_^ . When I'm hang out with my friends, sometimes I asked them to stop by at the Pizza Hut restaurant, most of them denied because the price is so expensive. Well, as a college student who still "begging" money from parents we prefer to chose eating "penyetan" than Pizza. (hahahha). The funny thing, when me and my classmates eating pizza is, we ordered Delight Package for 4 people, then we divided 4 small pizza for 8 people, so every single person get 2 slices of pizza. About the prize??we have to pay 10 thousand rupiahs for 2 slice pizza that we eat.. >.< (if we buy "penyetan" we will get 1 portion "penyetan" with big size fried chicken)

One of Pizza that I order
With Mushroom Topping

Also my favorite one, Garlic Bread
Tuna Baguette
Once I get more money, I spend it buying pizza, trying new variation. I just taste Baked rice from Pizza Hut, also Tuna Baguette, both of them are DELICIOUS.. >.<(I recommend you to try).  Beside that, Pizza Hut offering discount up to 50% off (dine-in) every Monday to Friday with various menu everyday, you can taste the real delicious Pizza. ^_^ Bon Appetit....

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