Menulis Fan-Fic Sebagai Alternatif 'Pembunuh' Waktu

April 15, 2016

Dear Bloggies,
Istilah Fan-fiction menjadi lebih populer belakangan ini, terlebih saat salah satu fan-fiction diangkat ke layar lebar.  Yak! Fifty Shades of Grey menjadi salah satu contoh fan-fiction yang sukses baik buku dan film nya (meski mendapat rating film yang buruk). Buku yang terinspirasi dari kisah Tetralogi Twilight tersebut menjadi sangat populer seketika, begitupula dengan film nya yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh penggemar novelnya (yang ternyata sangat mengecewakan dan penuh kontroversi -_-).

Fan-fiction atau lebih sering disebut Fan-fic adalah cerita fiksi bertokoh idola-idola yang dibuat oleh fans dengan jalan cerita yang bermacam-macam. Menurut hasil tanya-jawab dengan beberapa penulis fan-fic, menulis cerita fiksi menjadi salah satu dedikasi mereka kepada idola mereka lho..(termasuk saya ^o^ ). Karakter idola yang dibuat dalam cerita memang tidak sepenuhnya merupakan karakter asli sang idola, hampir seluruhnya karakter buatan namun dengan penggambaran fisik sang idol (sedihnya, beberapa idol tidak menyukai fan-fic karena karakternya sangat bertolak belakang dengan kehidupan mereka, based on One Direction Interview; sesi interview album FOUR mereka).

Bagi penikmat Fan-fic, pasti sudah tidak asing dengan situs Situs tersebut menyediakan wadah bagi penulis lepas untuk menuliskan cerita mereka tanpa harus takut untuk di copy-paste (copas) oleh orang lain. Tidak hanya fan-fic, beberapa novel karangan penulis amatir banyak ditemukan disini. Cerita-cerita yang disuguhkan pun sebenarnya tidak kalah dengan penulis tenar lainnya.

Pada tahun 2012 sampai 2013 an, saya sempat menulis Fan-fic di situs tersebut dan banyak tanggapan positif tentang tulisannya saya disana. Kesibukan kehidupan kampus membuat saya akhirnya berhenti menulis sampai bab 6. Niatan untuk melanjutkan fan-fic tersebut baru hidup beberapa bulan terakhir, hingga pada akhirnya saya memutuskan menurunkan cerita saya karena ‘pencitraan’ seorang Andina (hahahaha...karena menurut saya, fan-fiction nya not really ‘appropriate’ and seems so ‘smut’ setelah dikembangkan ^o^). Kali ini saya akan berbagi sedikit bagian fan-fic tulisan saya, mungkin bisa dinilai apakah masih wajar fan-fic nya.

PS: Fan-fic milik saya bercerita tentang beberapa tokoh idola dalam grup One Direction, I’m FREAK Directioners, hehehe..


“What about making any tattoo??” Zayn suggest when we watched movie in my bedroom.
“What!! You kidding me,” I look at him, rolling my eyes.
“What’s wrong?? We’re 17 and I think we’re mature enough to get a tattoo,”
“Ahh..c’mon, you are too chicken-out to have a tattoo...Cheerie,” he mock me and smiles. I’ve tried to ignore him, but then I gave up.

**A weeks later at Tattoo studio**

“Oh, please Cheer...could you be bloody relax, It won’t kill you..It’s just a small needle,” Zayn sitting beside me while the tattoo artist prepares the needle.
“Fuck you Malik!! If it’s not because of you, the one who always whining and bring this tattoo thing every day I would never ever do this,” I opened the book which shows thousands tattoo design. I find my favorite one after searching for 2 books tattoo design. Stars in lovely pattern, I smile and tell my choice to the tattoo artist.

“Well, you’ll get addicted to it once your tattoo is done, what’s the design again?? Stars?? So cheesy Cheer,” said Zayn, mocking me to piss me off. I tied my hair in a bun, and sit down. My back neck will be the perfect place because I can cover it with my hair, I don’t want to get much attention because my tattoo.

“It’s your first time, yeah? Take a deep breath Love, it won’t be long,” the tattoo artist smile at me and start doing his job. It feels like thousand bee sting on my skin, I close my eyes during the whole process.  We’ve spent almost the whole afternoon at tattoo artist, Zayn insist having 2 tattoos done today, while for me, one is more than enough.
“Well, you can open the white band at least 24 hours since the tattoo done,” said the cashier girl on that tattoo artist.
“Well, it wasn’t that hurt right?,” Zayn said, holding my back try to shooting me
“It was hurt as fuck,”
“Whoah....could you elaborated ‘hurt as fuck’ miss Cheerie. I even get two tattoos today and I enjoy every process as fuck,” Zayn giggled.

“Dad won’t be at home for three weeks,” I sighed. I often slept at Mrs. Malik house with Zayn’s sisters because my father rarely come home, his work as General Manager make him very busy and travel a lot.
“Do you mind if I sleepover tonight? Since you’ve spent most of your time in Doniya’s room, and fill my house with gossiping with my mum and my sisters. Watch movie at yours sounds perfect” said Zayn.

“Well...yeah, beside we can do the homework from Mr. Lane ,”
“C’mon Cheer, it’s Saturday. The school start Sunday...can we just waste the night with watching movie and eating junk food,”
“But we’re almost in senior year!! We need to prepare for college, don’t you think?,”
“We still got some time for having fun Cheer...C’mon,”
“Okay Mr. Whining!,”.

We talk about school and annoying teacher in Math class and giggled along the way home. We decided buy fish and chips also two Big Mac and of course a big bottle of cola for tonight. As soon as we settled in my bed, I open my laptop. Zayn bring all the food to my bed.

“Well, what movie for today,” I search any good movies on Netflix.
“Because you agreed to have tattoo, I’ll let you choose any movie..,”
“Okay, 13 going 30 then,” I click that movie.
“What’s that?,” Zayn asked me curious.
“Just sit and enjoy the movie Malik,”
“Dorky Whining Malik,”
“Hey!!it’s just one time about the tattoo.. I’m not whining anymore,” Zayn protest on me.
“Silence please... The movie is about to start, lets waste our night,” I said.


“Well, typical girl movie... Fall in love with her best friend. Boy-girl friendship eh,” Zayn yawning. We already finish our junk food and movie. The movie was romantic, somehow I wish I could skip some time and already be a grown up lady.
“Shut up, I saw you want to cry when Jenna attend Matt’s wedding,”
“Bullshit Cheer...nonsense, I didn’t cry over that movie, no way!,” Zayn defending himself.
“Whatever you say Malik,” I giggled. He starts tickle me, we laughed hard until I realize he is on top of me. His body towering me, and I can hear my heart beating so fast.

“I just realize how beautiful your eyes, Cheer. Grey is it?,” said Zayn as he’s leaning closer to me, his warm hands put aside my hair. Then suddenly I feel his lips on mine. He parted his lips, his tongue entering my mouth. I grab his hair, and I can hear he’s groaning inside my mouth. My feet buckled on his hips, and I can feel through his jeans he’s already getting hard.

“Mmmhh..Cheer..I think we should stop now,” He whispers to my ear, it makes me shiver. I can’t think clearly right now, my mind clouded with an idea that I’m ready to lose my virginity to him. He pulled away and lay besides me, both of us try to catch a breath. I feel my cheek flushed, we’ve never kiss like that. I turn aside look at his face, his eyes closed as he try to control his breathing. I feel a bit hurt and ashamed with his action.

“Well, is awkward. I’ll just go to bathroom,” I said to Zayn. He opens his eyes and look at me, confused. Zayn and I, just best friend I think. He never like me, like ‘like or love’ me that way. It makes me awkward sometimes. So, I just try to make sure myself that he’s like my brother, who always protect me but sometimes humiliate me. Maybe we keep that relationship like that, I don’t want to ruin it. Besides, he’s the one who pulled away from our kiss. I sit in my closet, my hands wrapped my hair and I tug at it. I shake my head and convince myself that the kiss means nothing. I brush my teeth and splash cold water to my face. I didn’t realize how long I’ve stayed in my bathroom. When I stepped out from the bathroom, I hear Zayn is already snoring lightly on my bed. Well, I pull out my sofa-bed in the corner side of my room. I hope I can sleep peacefully tonight.

When I wake up in the morning, I see my bed is empty. Zayn already wake up and make the bed neatly. I smell coffee, and decide to wash up my face before go downstairs. I see Zayn drinking coffee and read newspaper in pantry.
“Morning Cheer, have a good sleep?,” Zayn realize my appearance give me the sweetest smile I have ever seen. His raspy voice in the morning is my favorite one.
“Oh..uh..well..good, you,” My heart beating so fast, and I blame myself! Why should I be nervous and start mumbling.
“Ah, I already make a cup of tea for you...come ‘ere,” he poking pantry chair beside him, asking me to sit.

“Thanks Zayn...well about last night, I..”
“Last night?Oh..well, I’m sorry Cheer, I just can’t control myself,”
“Uhmm..yeah, it’s okay..I guess we’re just too happy and being a bit cheesy after watched movie,” I said, and sit next to Zayn.
“So...are we friends or more?,” said Zayn curiously and cupping my face.
“Ehmm..more like best friend, brother...maybe,” I said awkwardly. Dammit, for a second I swear I can see in Zayn’s eyes like he’s a bit disappointed. Maybe he wants me another answer? Did he really mean it about the kiss?. Shit..I handle this situation in the worst way.
“Just forget about last night..then,” Zayn turned his face away and start reading newspaper again.

Bisa dibilang keseluruhan cerita diatas adalah bagian awal novel fan-fic saya, bagaimana menurut kalian? Lebay? Aneh? Freak?’s all up to you, I just ask your opinion. It may seems foolish, but for me..menulis fan-fic jadi hiburan lucu ‘mengenaskan’ di waktu senggang. Selain fan-fic, saya juga menulis satu novel yang draftnya masih 1/3 bagian. Membaca, Menulis, menjadi beberapa hobi diantara puluhan hobi lainnya sebagai pembunuh waktu luang milik saya. Adakah yang memiliki hobi menulis fan-fic?? Boleh berbagi cuplikan cerita atau akun wattpad nya? ^_^


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  1. waah menarik nih sepertinya. pasti aman ya kalau nulis cerpen (misal) kita disana? gak bakal diambil orang kan ya? ^.^

  2. waah menarik nih sepertinya. pasti aman ya kalau nulis cerpen (misal) kita disana? gak bakal diambil orang kan ya? ^.^

    1. Inshaallah gitu kak, nggak bisa copy-paste dari web nya, kalo orang mau nyolong ide bisa cuman orangnya kudu niat nyalin dan ngetik sendiri